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Yes, you are right there are a lot of website's and articles that will tell you all about HDTV’s; but can you understand what they are writing about? Of course not, that if why there is this site. Here you will find all you want to know about flat panel TV’s in a simple to understand way and you will even find examples.

All the articles are listed in the menu on the left. There are no hidden links in the articles, so all information that is on this site is accessible from the menu.  If you have an idea for article or have an question feel free to contact us.

Featured Articles:

How to connect your headphones to your HDTV

It seems that the manufacturers have forgotten to include headphones feature on most on the new TV’s; but there might be a way around it. find out how...

How to connect any video device, even computer, to your HDTV

This article will help you identify what video ports are best option for you on your video device and TV. You will be shown a comprehensive yet easily readable table of cables and adapters that you can use when making a connection. On top of that you will find answers to the most common issues faced by users when connecting such devices.

How to record xBox, Playstation or any other video device footage into your computer

If you are looking for a way of recording your Xbox, Playstayion, Wii or any other game console game footage; this article will tell you how you can accomplish just that in more than one way. You can also use devices described to record you old VHS tapes to you computer and burn them to DVD or Blu-Ray.

Why does my TV have black bars around it?

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