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LED-backlit HDTV’s

(LED-backlit LCD TV’s)

Terms to know before you read:

LED: Light-emitting diode
OLED: Organic Light-emitting diode
LCD: Liquid Cristal Display
CCFL: Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps

It was not long ago that there ware only two types of televisions available on market. LCD and Plasma. Now with new LED and OLED technologies emerging there are more than two kinds of TV’s. In this article I will be focusing on those based on LCD and LED technology.

Standard LCD display is being lit from behind by CCFL. When LCD TV turns on all CCFL turn on with it and depending on what image is being displayed on TV the CCFL are either bright (displaying white or any other color) or dark (near black). If you read the article on contrast ratio you will know that the difference between the brightest white and darkest black is what contrast ratio measures. And since the CCFL are never off then the image is being displayed you will not be able to reach good contrast ratios with LCD TV’s.

Here is where the new technology of LED-backlit LCD TV’s comes in. In LED-backlit LCD TV’s, LED’s are used to light up the screen instead of CCFL. The advantage of LED’s over CCFL is that they are capable of turning off the independent pixel if the image displayed has pure black color in it; this will allow you to reach higher contact ratio than standard LCD TV’s that are lit with CCFL. Another advantage of LED-backlit LCD TV’s is the extended life of the TV, with lower power consumption that standard LCD and Plasma TV. However, they will cost more than standard LCD TV’s.

LED-backlit LCD TV is not a pure LED TV or OLED TV!

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