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All about screen size

How big should my TV be?

There are various TV screen sizes that you can purchase; anywhere from 7” portable LCD TV to 65” not so portable plasma TV. You can buy larger Plasma screen TV’s that 65” however you will have to shell out a nice dollar for it, and find a vendor that will sell you one. The size you want to purchase depends on what you will use the TV for. If you want it in your office on you desk you will probably not what to go with 65”, unless you are blind or want to be. Smaller size will do just fine in this situation. If however you are building a home entertainment center or want to use the TV in the hotel lobby or behind a counter; larger size will be your better choice.

How are TV’s measured?

Just in case you do not know this the number that you get next to a screen size (like 46”, 30”) is the TV’s diagonal measurement. Diagonal is the distance from bottom left corner to upper right corner or from bottom right corner to upper left corner. Some TV’s are advertised as certain size, but if you take a tape measure to it, you will find out that in actuality they are one half inch shorter that advertised size. Oh well, there is nothing you can do about it.

How far should I sit from my TV?

This is a little bit controversial issue. If you Google this question you will get answers anywhere from 2.5 to 3.3 or more times the height of the TV. That means if you have 50” TV it’s height should be somewhere around 24.5”. So, 24.5” x 2.5 = 61.25” and 24.5” x 3.3 = 80.85”. Thus according to various sources you should sit anywhere from 5.1 feet to 6.7 feet. Keep in mind that if you are looking at a TV in show room at your store, the TV will look much smaller that it really is. Your living room is most likely smaller that Best Buy showroom floor, or wherever you look at the TV. Take the total width and height of the TV and draw an outline on a wall in your living room with a pencil. That should give you rough estimate of how it will look.

how far should I sit from YV chart with screen sizes

Is a bigger TV better?

Some people will tell you: “Heck yeah!” Well, that depends of what you have in mind. I will be looking at image quality as the screen size increases. If you read the post on resolution you will be probably able to deduct what I am about to say. The best image quality you can get on a TV, for now, is 1920×1080 pixels. That will stay fixed on TV (assuming it is 1080 capable) whether it is 42” or 65”. Thus what you are doing is stretching the same amount of image information when you increase in TV size ultimately decreasing the quality.
Think about it this way: When you take a picture with your cell phone it looks very good on cell phones screen, however if you transfer that picture to your PC and look at it on a bigger screen it does not look so good, right? Well that is because you are stretching the same image information on bigger screen, thus decreasing the picture quality. That is why it looks better on smaller screen.

Personal Observations:

I have 50” Plasma TV at home with blu-ray player. Most of the movies that I watch in HD (1920×1080p) are virtually flawless. I do occasionally notice imperfections in image during dark scenes, like in the beginning of the first Harry Potter movie. I have also noticed some imperfections when watching Lord of War during day scenes. However I have an eye for details as I worked with video editing and trained my eyes to look for such problems. No one at my household noticed the imperfections that I have listed above. If I would have 42” TV or less (that is 1080p capable) I am sure that I will not notice these flaws as much. And then if I would have 65” TV I would notice them more.

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