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What would make a good gaming TV?

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So you are ready to buy yourself a new HDTV for gaming. But what do you look for? What should the TV have to be considered good gaming TV?

Most gamers prefer TV’s with response time of 4ms or better. Hard core gamers go for 2ms or less. Depending on a TV and other parameters anything more that 6ms could cause some undesirable image side effects.

Next thing you want to look at is refresh rate. 60hz is considered standard for most TV’s and is the only one available in smaller TV sets, however 120hz refresh rate is more desirable for smooth picture flow in high action situations. Do not be cocky and jump on 240hz or 600hz sets. They will do absolutely nothing more for you that 120hz. Studies have proven that humans see difference between 60hz and 120hz, but little to no difference in TV of 240hz or more.

Last major thing to look at is resolution. Do you get 1080p or 720p? If the TV you are buying is 32” or smaller you will not see any difference between 720p and 1080p. There is just not enough of picture area to go around for 1080p to do anything special. If however you are considering buying 37” TV or bigger, you might want to go with 1080p as there will be cases where the benefits of 1080p resolution will become noticeable. If you are buying TV that is 50” or bigger it will be a mistake to buy it in 720p as there is too much screen area and not enough picture quality to go around. Benefits of 1080p 50” or larger TV’s will definitely be noticeable.

There are other factors to be considered when buying a TV, but these are the top three for gaming. For other specs read the articles on this website under “key term explanations” section for more information.

Why should I buy 120Hz TV?

When it comes to standard 2D televisions there is a difference between 60hz and 120hz. It has been proven by tests that human eye can and will see that 120hz does give more smooth and crisp picture over 60hz. However 240hz or 600hz does not offer any quality gain to the image. It is just a sales gimmick. On top of that 120hz TV sets usually offer “anti-judder capability” which gives a smoother image. If you are watching a TV video or movie you will see it in 24fps, 30fps, or 60fps. Each one of these numbers divided into 120 with no fractions. (120/24=5, 120/30=4, 120/60=2) That means that each frame (fps) will be displayed 5, 4, or 2 times without alteration. However if you are watching a movie (usually 24fps) on 60hz TV you will get 60/24=2.5. That means that each frame will have to be displayed 3 times than 2, that 3 again and so on. That is called 3:2 pulldown and that is what gives you the “judder” hence 120hz TV’s are usually “anti-judder” capable.


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