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How do I get more HDMI ports on my HDTV?

I have split this article into two parts. Pick the one that best applies to your situation.

I have at least one working HDMI port and I need more!

In this case you can get device called HDMI switch. There are few things you need to know about what kinds there are. First we have auto-switching vs. non-auto-switching HDMI splitters. Auto switching try to detect what HDMI device that is plugged in you are trying to use. It might work well if the device is well made by the manufacturers, but there is a chance that it might get confused and switch itself to a different port while you are watching a movie or playing a game. That is why I would recommend getting a HDMI switch that either has a remote or has a manual buttons. Then we have powered and non-powered switches. Powered switched will give you better performance, signal strength and distance you can carry the signal. Non-powered work only over few feet and are generally auto-switching or manually switching. There is one more category to look into, but it does not have a technical term. I call it new technology vs. the old technology. 3D HDTV came out some time ago, but not all the HDTV switches are capable of handling the kind of a bandwidth required for 3D. If you are buying one on your own or in store, keep that fact in mind and look for one that is 3D capable or has version 1.4 or better HDMI technology.

In all cases I recommend Kinivo HDMI switch. They make one that has 3 HDMI ports and 5 HDMI ports for few dollars more if you need them. They have remote control switching capability with manual switching as well. They are powered, 1080p (and better) quality, 3D capable and can take and send signal over very long HDMI cables.

If you need an excellent HDMI cable for few dollars, this one works well for me. Also read my HDMI cable buying guide for more details if you are curious (hint: retailers are trying to rip you off on HDMI cables).

I do not have any working HDMI ports and need some!

In this case you will still need to read the article above but you will need an extra device on top of the HDMI switch. You will need a converter that can take in (input) a HDMI signal, convert it and output it to input that you have on your TV. To help identify your available inputs see pictures in my connection article (see step 2) and come back here. Now you will need either (in descending order of quality) a HDMI to DVI, Component, VGA, Composite (yellow plug) or s-video. If you have Composite or s-video only, get yourself a new HDTV! Keep in mind that you will need and HDMI to your input here converter and not your input here to HDMI converter, as they will most likely not be reversibly compatible. HDMI needs to be the input not output on the converter. These devices will need some sort of audio cable to carry sound to your TV or audio device of choice. See step 5 of my connection article for audio cable details. If you have your converter picked go and read the above article to pick an HDMI switch that you need.

Keep in mind that none of these converters will be able to output 3D material and most will not be able to output HD material.

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