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How to clean your HDTV screen (even laptop screen or monitor)

Buy a screen cleaning kit

Some guides will tell you that each screen has its own cleaning procedure. Well, that is not entirely true. This guide will tell you how to safely clean and dust virtually and screen surface. For best directions on how to do that consult your user manual, however they are not always around. For light ducting get a soft rag* and get it damp, not moist but damp. Then gently wash the surface of the screen starting from top going to bottom in left to right motion, and then finish off by going around the screens perimeter making sure to get every last piece of dust that is stuck in the corners. Flip the cloth over and clean the bezel of the TV and make sure you get the top of it too. If you have leftover streaks you can take a microfiber cloth and gently polish them out. If you are not getting desired results with you can always purchase display cleaning kit in store or online.

DO NOT use paper towels, Windex or any other cleaner on any screen surfaces. They will only scratch them. Use only recommended solutions and wipes.

* How do you know if the rag is soft enough? Well one way is to grasp it firmly in the middle with one hand and pull it out with the other. If it burns it is not soft enough.

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