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Should I buy a 4K Ultra HD (UHD) TV?

Short Answer: Not in 2015 maybe even 2016.

4K UHD technology is relatively new and still requires some refinement and standardization. While true 4K does promise to have more picture detail, depth, color and more immersive cinematic experience; the sad truth is that we are not there yet.

Currently (early 2015) the major problem is that there are very limited sources of true 4K video. Blu-rays, DVD's, any digital cable and current gaming consoles (Xbox One and PS4) are not in 4K. However, I expect gaming consoles to catch up first with next generation consoles. The question is even in gaming consoles will support 4K video out, if the games themselves will be designed in 4K. Currently only streaming services like Netflix and Amazon instant video provide limited variety of 4K videos, at increased monthly costs and internet bandwidth requirements; and that is with fairly compressed video. (more compression = less quality)

While you will still be able to watch and connect Blu-rays, DVD's, digital cable and gaming consoles to your 4K UHD TV; the major problem will be the up-conversion. Current 1080p HDTV's and video sources run on 1920x1080 pixel resolution. That means that 1080p TV or video source will contain little over 2.07 million pixels. 4K UHD TV's require (key word) resolution of 3840×2180 pixels; which is little over 8.37 million pixels. If you do a quick math you will find out that 8.37 million - 2.07 million is about 6.3 million. What the 4K UHD TV will do is take the 1080p video source and stretch it to 4K resolution; or to reword, 4K TV will insert (guess) on 6.3 million pixels (75% of what you will see) in order to be able to display the image. Many people state that this created image blurriness, and it does not look as good and sharp. This effect will only be multiplied if you supply less than 1080p videos. Only the very high quality, and expensive, 4K TV's can create semi-decent up conversion quality. No amount of 4K up conversion will be able to come nowhere near having true 4K video source.

If you are set on getting a 4K UHD TV, get a very good one or stick with 1080p HDTV. Otherwise you are risking this possibility:

true 4k vs up converted 4k

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