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What do I need to watch 3D TV

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The answer to that question is relatively simple. First of let’s start with the TV set. You will need a 3D capable or 3D ready TV. How do you know which TV’s are 3D? Well it will be prominently displayed on TV as well in its description. Manufacturers want to let people know that theit TV is 3D; they are not going to hide that fact. Another identifying factor is the price tag. The cheapest 3D TV that I am aware of is around $1800, and prices go up from there rapidly. There are only few models of 3D TV’s currently available on the market, so choosing should not be difficult. How do you choose best TV from the lineup? Well just apply tactics and knowledge that is contained in articles of this site. 3D is just and additional option in TV’s. It is like leather seats in cars. If the car has one or not you will still look at price, mpg, reliability; just as in TV (3D TV’s that is) you should still look at price, contrast ration, brightness, reviews and such.

example of 3d television with 3d glasses

Next piece of technology you need is 3D capable or 3D ready blu-ray player, assuming you want to watch 3D movies on your TV. Again these players are well marked as 3D in stores, so you should have no problem finding and choosing one. If you already have a blu-ray player your manufacturer might have a firmware upgrade for your model to make the player 3D capable without buying new one. For that you will need to check out your manufacturers website and you will need to connect your blu-ray player to the internet to download new firmware.

blu-ray 3d logo

And finally you will need a 3D movie to play on your TV. Make sure you do NOT buy traditional 3D movie which use red-cyan glasses and does not require 3D TV or 3D blu-ray player. They will be marked such as “movie title in 3D”.

If you are not going to watch movies on your TV, you do not need to buy a 3D blu-ray player. Some TV broadcasters offer channels that are only in 3D. You will have to play more for them and you will have to wear the 3D glasses.

Most TV’s come equipped with at least on pair of 3D glasses in the box. You may need to purchase more if you want to view the movie or TV show in 3D with entire family or group of friends. Consult your TV user manual or check manufacturer’s website for recommended type and model of the glasses for your TV.

3d glasses


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